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First, Second, Third: A Gardener's Thumb

Give your child help strengthening his reasoning with this printable worksheet, which asks him to place events in a logical order.

First, Second, Third: A Baking Challenge

Help your child with his reasoning skills with this printable worksheet that asks him to develop a logical sequence for baking a cake.

-an Word Family

Help your beginning reader learn about word families with this worksheet that asks her to trace words in the word family -an.

Write the Sight Words: "Round"

Help your child learn the sight word round with this printable phonics worksheet.

Review Beginning Sounds B and D

Help your child practice beginning letters and sounds with this fun worksheet, which challenges your child to identify the letters "d" and "b".

Phonics Fun: Rhymes With Socks

Help your child improve his reading with this kindergarten phonics worksheet, which is all about matching words that rhyme with "socks".

Learning Vowels: "A"

Help your child practice the vowel sound "a" and improve his reading skills with this printable worksheet.

Odd Word Out: Rhyming Words With "Rake"

Looking for a worksheet to help your child's phonics skills? This printable will challenge his skills at rhyming words.

Words That Rhyme with "Door": Which One Doesn't Belong?

Looking for a worksheet to help your child's phonics skills? This printable will help practice words that rhyme with "door".

Ug: Find the Rhyming Words

Is your child as happy as a bug with a jug? This worksheet is all about ug, and finding the words that rhyme with it.

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