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2nd Grade Science

Science for 2nd Graders
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Life Cycle of a Plant

Little gardeners, get to know your plants! See the cycle of a plant from its birth to adulthood, and read a bit about photosynthesis too.

Plant Life Cycle Flash Cards

These flash cards serve as an intro to life science, but also help with counting skills and sequential ordering.

Gus Grissom

Learn about Gus Grissom, one of the pioneers of America's space program. His fearless actions and enthusiasm for science paved the way for space missions.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Page

Here's a coloring sheet of a cute (but big!) Tyrannosaurus Rex. Looks like he's on the hunt for lunch!

Endangered Species Coloring Page

Learn about the endangered animals of the United States by coloring them.

Animal Tracks: Water Animals

If you live by the water, you may recognize some of these footprints! Enjoy learning about animal tracks with this fun match-up.

Animal Tracks: South America

Your first grader may never see an armadillo or an anteater, but she can study their tracks with this fun match-up activity!

Animal Tracks: Farm Animals

Does your second grader love farm animals? This easy writing exercise will help your child be more observant about tracks left by some familiar animals.

Identifying Animal Tracks

Animal tracks tell the story of visitors you might never see. Learn how to identify some common animal tracks with this fun and simple writing exercise.

Solar System Quiz

Get in tune with your stellar side, and take a solar system quiz! Your child review his planets and test his knowledge of fun facts about each one.

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