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2nd Grade Science

Science for 2nd Graders
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James Watt

This science worksheet tells all about James Watt, the man that powered the Industrial Revolution.

Layers of the Earth

Peel back the layers of the earth in this earth science worksheet. Can you name all of them?

Animal Word Search: Hoofing It

Kids search for the names of six animals with hooves, and expand their animal vocabulary in the process.

Animal Word Search: Slithering Snakes

Build your child's snake vocabulary with a word search seething with slithering snakes.

Variation in Animals: Life Science Learning

This worksheet helps kids understand variations in animals and how the same kind, or species, can sometimes look different from each other.

Healthy Eating: Fill in the Food Pyramid

Your child is sure to boost categorization skills as she splits up the foods she's eaten this week into different food groups on this drawing sheet.

Plant Matters: Seeds, Fruit, and Trees

Before trees grow into trees, they start out as little seeds. Can your child match the fruit and seeds with the trees (or plants) they came from?

Portrait of an Inventor: Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla's work paved the way for many electrical (and electronic) devices we use today.

Explore the Life Cycle of Corn

Kids follow corn as it grows from seed to vegetable on this simple cut-and-paste growth chart.

Animal Word Search: Two-Legged Critters

Help your child learn about animals that walk on two legs by searching for them in this printable puzzle.

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