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4th Grade Fun

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Ugly Christmas Sweater!

This ugly Christmas sweater worksheet gets your kid to celebrate the good, bad, and ugly of Christmas cheer. Design and draw your ideal ugly Christmas sweater.

Summer Quotes

Collect your favorite summer quotes from friends and family in this Say What? sheet.

Coordinate Grid Game!

Play detective as you put your geometry skills to the test! This game is a great way to get to know the coordinate plane and practice plotting ordered pairs.

Mississippi Fun Facts

The next road trip needs brain teasers: great state sights, facts and a word search on every geography printable. Check out Mississippi Fun Facts!

Summer Playlist

Introduce your child to the almost-ancient art of mix-making with this space to create a list of her favorite songs of the summer.

Paper Pinwheel

This quick summer craft is great for summer camp and snack time.

Summer Scrapbook Accessories

Dress up your hard-copy photos from the summer with these cute cutout accessories.

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