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4th Grade Math

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Valentine's Day Word Problems

Put a little love into math practice this Valentine's Day. These sweet word problems will challenge your child's real-world application of math.

Division Math Facts

Learn about division as reverse multiplication with this worksheet packed with handy division problems.

Simple Fractions with Scooter

Simple fraction math worksheet helps your child practice reducing fractions to their simplest form, and cartoon characters keep learning fun.

Coordinate Grid Game!

Play detective as you put your geometry skills to the test! This game is a great way to get to know the coordinate plane and practice plotting ordered pairs.

Changing Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Kramsters are very picky eaters, and your child is the Kramsters' feeder. He'll need to divide up the Kramster pellets to get each one the nutrition it needs.

Simple Fractions with Sylvia

Simple fractions worksheet helps teach your child to reduce fractions to their simplest form and cartoon characters keep learning interesting.

Math Riddles: Subtraction #5

Subtract your way through these math problems, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the answer to a tricky riddle.

Math-Go-Round: Expert

Is your child an expert at multiplication? Find out with this fun, printable board game.

Graduated Cylinders

Give your budding chemist the facts and practice she needs for measuring with graduated cylinders.

Probability Quiz

Here's a great opportunity for your child to practice probability! He'll solve word problems about the probability of choosing an item from a group.

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