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5th Grade Math

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Simple Fractions with Scooter

Simple fraction math worksheet helps your child practice reducing fractions to their simplest form, and cartoon characters keep learning fun.

Division: Extra Practice #8

If your fifth grader's long division skills need a tune-up, ask him to work slowly and carefully to find the answers to these eleven division problems.

Aye, Aye, Area: #5

Your child will need to use his triangle knowledge to find the area of the sails on this sailboat.

Barber Shop Decimal Round Off #5

In this worksheet, your child will practice rounding decimals to the tenths and hundredths.

Treehouse Triangles #4

Practice geometry in a fun way with this "Treehouse Triangles" worksheet. Get your child to measure angles with ease in this treehouse-themed worksheet.

Surface Area Practice

In this boxing match, the box with the most surface area is the winner and your child is the judge!

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 3

Your child will determine the winner of each boxing match by figuring out which box has the most surface area.

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