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Butterfly Valentine Craft

Valentine's Day is a fun time to do crafts, and maybe give out a bit of candy too! Your child can create colorful valentines for her friends and classmates.

Flowers in Love: Pollinators Word Search

Where to flower babies come from? Use this word search to learn about the different pollinators in our environment, and how they help spread plant seeds.

Where Do Butterflies Live?

Go from a butterfly beginner to an expert with this worksheet, full of pretty butterflies and tons of information about where butterflies live.l

Photo Bookmarks

Make reading time a bit more fun with these personalized bookmark cutouts! Your child can color her own bookmark, and paste a photo on it.

Make a Butterfly Pie Chart!

How long does a butterfly live? Find out with this worksheet! Give your second grader a fun way to practice making graphs using given information.

More or Less Butterflies

This colorful counting page is engaging math practice for your preschooler learning to count, and to compare more or less values between groups of butterflies.

The Butterfly That Stamped

Help your student with reading comprehension, and enjoy a favorite short story by Rudyard Kipling, about a King, a Queen and two quarreling butterflies.

Measuring with a Ruler: Insects!

Your preschooler can practice measuring, writing numbers, counting and identifying insects on this measuring with a ruler math worksheet.

Butterfly Fairy Coloring Page!

Invite your first grader to beautify this butterfly fairy! With just a few crayons and some persistence, she can put her own creative spin on this printable.

Color the Butterflies: #2

Can't find any butterflies outside? Color some of your own with this coloring page!

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