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Earth Day

Earth Day worksheet-various levels
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Eco-Friendly Maze: Saving Energy

Teach your child about saving energy with a fun maze. He'll boost his fine motor skills and learn about the importance of turning off the lights.

Color the Earth Day Planet

Help your child celebrate Earth Day with this simple coloring page, which features a planet with the message "Happy Earth Day."

Eco-Friendly Maze: Recycle

This worksheet introduces kids to the recycling symbol, and they boost their fine motor skills as they complete the puzzle.

Natural Resources: Rocks

A natural resource is something that we use that occurs naturally in the environment. Teach your child about the densest and heaviest natural resource: rocks!

Natural Resources: Water

All living things need water to survive. Listed are some of the ways we use water: can your child think of others?

Recycling Paper Process

How do you make recycled paper? Learn all about the recycling paper process on this informative worksheet.

What's Recyclable?

Teaching kids what's recyclable and what's not is more important than ever. Give your kids the recycling lowdown with this activity-packed printable.

Natural Resources: Soil

Can your child think of ways people use soil? Get her excited about Earth science with a lesson on this crucial natural resource.

Natural Resources: Plants

Natural resources are crucial for sustaining life on the planet. Encourage your child to get to thinking about plants, one of Earth's natural resources.

Preserving Natural Resources

Through a simple matching activity, kids learn how their actions can have a direct effect on the environment.

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