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Social Studies for 4th graders
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Mississippi Fun Facts

The next road trip needs brain teasers: great state sights, facts and a word search on every geography printable. Check out Mississippi Fun Facts!

Levi Strauss

The history of the American West meets the history of fashion! Your child will learn both with this worksheet about Levi Strauss, creator of Levi's Jeans.

Fort Des Moines

History buffs, here's a sheet that will teach you all about Fort Des Moines, an important military training site during WWI and WWII.

California Gold Rush: Sutter's Mill

Sutter's Mill is where the California Gold Rush first began! Your student will read about the first discovery of gold with this history worksheet.

George Washington Portrait

Can your child recognize this famous man? Introduce your first grader to art history with this famous portrait of George Washington.

Grand Canyon Coloring Page

This Grand Canyon coloring page will let your child take a peek at one of the seven wonders from the comfort of her coloring table.

Follow the Law: How a Bill Gets Passed

Help your fourth grader learn about the legislative process with this worksheet, which challenges him to follow the path of a law in the making.

4th Grade Spelling Test: Hail to the Chief

Put your child in command of her vocabulary with this presidentially-themed spelling test especially for 4th graders.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

On this worksheet, your fourth grader will read over the lyrics of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and complete fun activities relating to the song.

Learn About Your State

Do you know your state? Challenge yourself with this worksheet, and try to answer the 13 trivia questions about your state.

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