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Wampanoag People

This coloring page is a great way to teach your child about the history of Thanksgiving.

Mayflower Coloring Page

Try this Mayflower coloring page to teach your kids about the Pilgrim settlers. This Mayflower coloring page shows a picture of the historical ship.

Holiday Word Search: Thanksgiving

Challenge your kid to search for and find the hidden Thanksgiving-themed words in this fun word search!

Coloring Fall: One Big Pumpkin

This might not be as big as the world's largest pumpkin (1,810 pounds!), but it's a start.

Coloring Fall: Pumpkin and Friends

Color in this pumpkin surrounded by traditional fall foods.

Pilgrim Paper Doll

Your child can explore a bit of historical U.S. fashion with this cute colonial paper doll!

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