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Bowling for Addition

Use empty soda bottles to create a fun bowling set that helps your first grader practice addition skills!

Making Candles from Old Candles

Making candles from old candles is easy. Recycle old candle stubs to make a "new" candle, and teach your child about recycling at the same time!

How to Make Your Own Paper

Your child can re-use and re-purpose old seeds and paper into something new: decorated paper that can be planted!

Recycled Necklace

Recycle your old catalogs and magazines into a recycled necklace, a stunning piece of wearable art.

Make a Recycled Paper Cup Globe Lamp

Teenagers will love the look of this retro lamp and the fascinating process of making it.

Make Jumbo "Cupcake" Crayons

Kids of all ages will delight in making these jumbo "cupcake" crayons from all of the broken crayon stubs that seem to pile up around the house.

Suncatcher Craft

Reuse and recycle your CDs by having your kid turn them into colorful, eye-popping suncatchers.

Make Bottle Cap Magnets

Your first grader will love showcasing his favorite pieces of art with his very own personalized magnets created from old bottle caps!

Construct a Kid Size Cardboard Castle

Help your little builder move up in the world with this recycled cardboard castle that's just the right size for a young king and his loyal stuffed subjects.

Give Birds a Feast with This Suet Feeder

Feed your birds from kitchen leftovers and give your first grader some excellent scientific practice in identifying our feathered friends.

Make Milk Carton Counting Houses

Using nothing fancier than old milk cartons and popsicle sticks, create a village full of fun learning for your kindergarten math student.

Make a Soda Bottle Greenhouse

In this hands-on activity, kids learn what it takes to foster seedlings into full-grown plants, all in a regular old soda bottle!

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