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Tracing Basic Shapes

Shapes! Your child's fine motor skills can improve as she carefully traces the circles, squares, triangles and rectangles in this worksheet.

Complete the Clown Hats

Practice your triangles in this fun and easy worksheet that allows you to trace the clown's hats.

Tracing Diamonds

Give your preschooler a head start with handwriting skills by tracing shapes! He'll even get to practice some of the alphabet letters.

Tracing Shapes: Circles

Ooh, bubbles! Get your child acquainted with the various shapes with this tracing worksheet.

Curved Line Tracing: Match the Shapes and Objects

Complete this simple activity by tracing the curved lines to match each shape with the object that has the same shape.

Awesome Award: You're a Shapes Champ!

Celebrate your preschooler's achievement with this cool printable award that officially certifies her as a shapes champ.

Shape Search: Animal Parade

Hidden picture puzzles are a fun way to help your preschooler practice shapes. Can she find all the circles in the animal parade?

Find the Shapes: Pentagons

How many sides does a pentagon have? Introduce your young student to shapes and beginning geometry concepts with this fun coloring sheet.

Find & Color Diamonds

Let's dig for diamonds! On this prekindergarten math and coloring worksheet, kids find and color all the diamond shapes!

Tracing Shapes: Diamonds

Your preschooler will love this tracing page, all about the diamond shape. He'll get to color in the picture when he's finished!

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