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Hiragana Alphabet: "oh"

Ever wish you could speak another language? Now, you have the tools to learn Japanese!

Hiragana Alphabet: "ru"

They say the younger you are, the easier it is to learn a new language! Now you and your child can learn the basics of Japanese together.

Hiragana Alphabet: "tsu"

Share a fun language arts enrichment activity with your child, and learn the basics of Japanese!

Hiragana Alphabet: "hi"

Start learning the basics of Japanese with the Hiragana alphabet, both fun and easy to learn!

Hiragana Chart

They say that learning languages is easier the younger the child. Help your little ones learn Japanese with a helpful Hiragana chart!

Hiragana Alphabet: "ma"

Want to learn a new language? With this fun series of Hiragana alphabet sheets, you can start learning Japanese!

Hiragana Alphabet: "ke"

Boost your child's language arts skills by learning a fun new language! Hiragana is one of the more basic forms of the Japanese writing system.

Hiragana Alphabet: "ee"

Learn to write and speak Japanese with a fun worksheet series about Hiragana, one of the more basic forms of the Japanese writing system.

Hiragana Alphabet: "su"

Enrich your child's language arts and writing skills by learning Japanese! Hiragana is both easy and fun to learn.

Hiragana Alphabet: "se"

This Hiragana alphabet page helps your child learn the letter "se." Try this "se" worksheet to teach your child a little about Japanese written language.

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