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Explore Abstract Nature & Complementary Colors

A mixture of botany, exploration, Abstract Art and Pop Art color theory√Ęthis activity never gets dull! Start by exploring outdoors and finish with indoor art.

Play Science Password!

This activity will help your child review science concepts, learn new ones, and become familiar with examples of various concepts in science. Plus, it's fun!

Practice Classification in Action

Try this simple activity with your middle schooler to help him develop an understanding of why scientific classification systems exist and how they work.

Forms of Energy for Kids

This exploration of different types of energy will help young minds appreciate and observe thermal, kinetic, mechanical, and other forms of energy.

Explore Genetics by Finding Family Traits!

For a fun family activity to introduce your child to genetics, have your child go on a search for dominant and recessive family genes!

Study Game: Planets!

All you need are pencils, paper and some scissors to get started on this easy and fun game to review astronomy information, or other types of study concepts.

Audubon Adventure: Record the Natural World

Here's an arts and crafts guide for your high-school teenager that'll help her create a naturalist drawing and painting.

Stage a Debate

Here's how you and your teen can stage your own formal debate√Ębeyond arguing why chores are unethical! Formal debates improve teens' critical thinking skills.

Mini BBQ

Here's one way to recycle: turn a tuna can into a mini barbecue and teach your child the power of resourcefulness!

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