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Kid-Friendly Camping Kit

This kit includes fun camp-themed activities for kids of all ages to enjoy and do throughout the  trip!
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Rock Balancing

Get a little artistic inspiration from mother nature! Spend some time outdoors with your child and create balanced rock sculptures.

Dirt Dessert!

Make this easy composting dessert and then enjoy the yummy results!

“Soooo delicious plus it's fun and easy to make even when resources are limited!”
Top 7 Campgrounds for Summer Adventure

Here are seven top-notch campgrounds you may not know about...yet!

Make a Self Portrait from Nature

Add some fun to arts and crafts by having your child make a self portrait using nature as her palette.

Andrew Goldsworthy Art

Your child can use leaves and grass to create his own outdoor art in celebration of Earth Day...all he needs are is the great outdoors and some creativity!

Play Whistle Hide-and-Seek

Encourage a group of third graders to play this fun game of Whistle Hide-and-Seek as a warm-up to get them prepared for finding a "lost" camper.

Alaska Moose Coloring Page

Get your child excited about camping, animals or a trip to visit a national park with this coloring page of a giant moose.

Camping Coloring Page

Get ready for camping with this fun coloring page, which features a tent, campfire, backpack and lantern.

Color the Family Camping Trip

This coloring sheet features the whole family bonding over a roaring campfire and some sweet campfire treats.

Camping Word Search

With a trip to the great outdoors usually comes some traveling - feed the kids' excitement and keep them from boredom on the way with a camping word search!

Let's Go Camping: Word Search

Want to get your child geared up for the next family camping trip? Let him search through these hidden camping-themed words.

“A great way to keep the kids occupied during the car ride!”

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