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Get the Slumber Party Started!

Little girls will love this slumber party kit including yummy recipes for late-night snacks and fun arts and crafts activities!
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Bake Pizza Muffins

Help your child learn healthy eating habits by transforming every kid's favorite food into a healthy, flavorful after-school snack.

Chocolate Bark Recipes

Here are four chocolate bark ideas to prepare with your kids that everyone will love.

Herb Popcorn!

Make flavored popcorn with your kids and explore the tastes of herbs. They'll learn more about their palate as well as how to make perfectly popped popcorn!

Victorian Paper Dolls

Help your child learn the history of clothing and dress with this Victorian paper doll, who comes with the hottest turn-of-the-century styles.

Kids Purse

Want to add some extra pizazz to dress up play? Help your child craft a personalized purse out of an old gift or shopping bag!

Make a Sparkly Pipe Cleaner Crown

Is your princess missing a crown? Look no further: grab a few sparkly pipe cleaners and twist for a crown that's half jewelry, half sculpture, and 100% shine.

“Sooo easy to make and such cute results!”
Make a Button Bracelet

In this first grade arts and crafts activity, you can make fun bracelets using just a handful of buttons and some elastic cord. And it's a counting game, too!

Decorate Your Own Pillowcase

Make a hand-decorated pillowcase to help ease the bedtime battle so that everyone can get a night of sweet dreams.

“The perfect project for a slumber party. :)”

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