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Place Value - Grade 2

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Know All About Numbers: Ordinal or Cardinal?

This worksheet gives your second grader practice identifying numbers as ordinal or cardinal. Before you know it, he'll be a number whiz kid!

Practice Test: Number Order

Go over number order with your second grader with this nifty practice test.

Practice Test: Number Patterns

Review number patterns with your second grader with this mini quiz that asks him to choose the number that comes next in each pattern.

Writing Numbers: Jellybean Numbers

On this second grade math worksheet, kids translate numbers written with words to numbers written with numerals up to four digits long.

Hundreds Chart

The hundreds chart is an excellent way to help your little math star to see patterns in numbers! Help him get acquainted with his numbers 1-100.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than

Can your second grader dig a little deeper into number comparisons? Have her find the missing number that makes each "greater than" equation true.

Comparing Numbers: Less Than

Make the math concept "less than" more clear with a colorful worksheet that gets him practicing with number comparisons to make each equation true.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than #1

Greater than or less than? It's up to your second grader to decide which sign would make each of these equations read correctly.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than #2

Greater than or less than? Challenge your second grader to explore number comparisons with this cheerful worksheet!

Counting Numbers 100-150

Put your second grader's number skills to the test! This charming worksheet asks him to fill in the numbers missing on the balloons--from 100 to 150.

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