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Color By Number: Toucan

Using the guide at the bottom, your child can color in this toucan in lifelike colors.

Swallow-tailed Hummingbird Coloring Page

The Swallow-tailed Hummingbird is one of the largest kinds of hummingbirds and is featured on this cute coloring page!

Pretty Parrot Coloring

This pretty parrot seems to have lost his colors! Spend some quality coloring time with your child and give this guy some color.

HUmmingbirds Coloring Page

Teach your child about the hummingbird with this coloring page featuring a couple of hummingbirds pulling nectar from a flower.

Swan Coloring Page

This coloring page of swans at the pond will be fun for children who love animals, especially birds!

Eclectus Parrot Coloring Page

This parrot coloring page features an Eclectus parrot perched and ready to be colored in! Kindergarteners will enjoy adding an array of color to this picture.

Trumpeter Swan Coloring Page

Trumpeter Swans are graceful birds, and this coloring page is designed to show off their beauty!

Rhinoceros Hornbill Coloring Page

There's a Rhinoceros Hornbill that has a perch in this coloring page. Color in this rainforest bird before he takes flight!

Color the Parrot

Parrots can come in a variety of bright colors, so have your child bring out all his crayons as he gives color to this jungle scene.

Macaw Coloring Page

Macaws are the most famous type of parrot, the colorful, talkative birds that you often see depicted on a pirate's shoulder.

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