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2 digit adding

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Subtraction Surprise #23

Reinforce math lessons learned in school with this at-home 1st grade enrichment worksheet offering practice in beginning single-digit subtraction.

Christmas Word Problems

Your child will have fun strengthening her math skills while honing her reading comprehension with Christmas word problems.

Money in the Bank: Two-Digit Addition #10

Your second grader will get a mental math boost as he practices two-digit addition to figure out how much money is in each piggy bank.

Practice Addition with Fiona the Florist!

If your second grader has an affinity for florals, this adorable worksheet may get her excited about addition!

St. Patrick's Day Addition #4

Building good math skills can be worth its weight in gold! Solve some two-digit addition problems with your little one this St. Patrick's Day.

Addition with Carrying 13

Your second grader will enjoy practicing two-digit addition when he has the lovable bugs on this worksheet to keep him company!

Addition with Carrying 9

If your second grader is confused about carrying, give him some extra practice with this brand new concept by asking him to complete this colorful printable.

Faster, Faster: Two-Digit Addition #7

Show your second grader how to race to the mathematics finish line with this double-digit addition worksheet.

Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 43

Take the monotony out of math by challenging your second grader to finish this colorful double-digit addition worksheet!

Double Digits! Practice Vertical Addition with Carrying 42

Carrying over remainders in double-digit addition will become second nature to your child with some practice with this adorable printable!

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