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Shamrock Maze

Can your child find his way through this maze? Roll fine motor skills practice into St. Patrick's Day fun, or bring some Irish luck to any day of the year!

Pocket Change: What's Left?

Help your kid flex his financial savvy! He'll practice making change by subtracting the price of an item he wants to buy from available coins.

Adding Coin Amounts

Give your little financier a hand with adding coins. He'll add coins in his head and tally the amount to figure out the price of the item shown.

Make Change: Sweet Shop

Sneak sweetness into your child's math practice with this candy coated coin worksheet! She'll look at price tags to add the amount spent at the candy store.

Writing Money Amounts #15

Our math worksheet will give your kid practice with money amounts, and translating written numbers from words into numerals. He'll read dollar values too.

Coin Count Up

Get out your coin purse, it's time to do a little math shopping! How many of each type of coin do you need to afford these items?

Adding Money Amounts

How much does that hamburger cost? Give your little spender a hand in counting up coins and dollars to equal an amount.

Coin Addition

Assist your little financier with adding coins. She'll add up coins in her head and tally the amount to figure out the price of the item shown.

How Many Cents?

Help your second grader test his coin savvy with this worksheet that asks him to connect groups of coins to the values that match.

How Many Coins Make 18 Cents?

This coin currency worksheet will boost your second grader's recognition of coins, as well as her critical thinking skills!

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