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Vowel Diphthongs: "Ou"

Help your child learn all about diphthongs, the sliding sound made by vowel combinations. This worksheet concentrates on the "OU" sound.

Build Vocabulary 5

Your fifth grader will learn new vocabulary words and put them into use with this worksheet. Try this worksheet with your child to expand his vocabulary.

Build Vocabulary 12

Help your fifth grader build vocabulary and spelling skills with this worksheets, which includes words like renowned, consequence, and exhausted.

Build Vocabulary 13

Words like "antagonist" and "transient" are confusing for adults and kids. Fifth graders will learn these words and more in this vocabulary worksheet.

Build Vocabulary 6

Build your fifth grader's vocabulary and spelling skills with this focused series including definitions or synonyms for vocab terms your child will learn.

Build Vocabulary 9

Help your fifth grader learn the words like "famished" and "industrious" with this vocabulary worksheet. Learn to identify and use these words and more.

Irregular Plurals: Plural Practice 2

In this second grade reading worksheet, kids get practice with irregular plurals as they connect pictures to the correct singular or plural form of a noun.

Irregular Plurals: Plural Practice 1

Some words require more than an S to become plurals. In this worksheet, kids practice using irregular plurals by connecting images to their correct noun.

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