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Gravity Definition For Kids

Looking for a quick reference about gravity and a definition for kids? This two page worksheet and activity has you covered!

All About Circuits

Is your fourth grader learning about electricity? This worksheet is all about circuits, tests her skills and reinforces the concept of how a circuit works!

Build your own Electromagnet!

Calling all mad scientists... Electrify your enthusiasm for science! This awesome worksheet will show you step-by-step how to make an electromagnet.

What's the Matter? #2

Kids practice classifying items as liquids or solids for a lesson on the states of matter in this 4th grade physical science worksheet.

What's the Matter? #1

Kids flex their physical science knowledge by classifying items as solids or liquids in this 4th grade states of matter worksheet.

What Keeps the Moon in Orbit?

Have you ever wondered what keeps the moon in orbit? Newton's first law gets a quick introduction, too, in this worksheet for kids. Check it out!

All About the Rock Cycle

If you think volcanoes are cool, this worksheet will blow your mind! Learn about the rock cycle by reading the paragraph and taking a multiple choice quiz.

Rock Formations

You can find rocks almost anywhere, but there's a lot more to rocks than meets the eye. Check out this science worksheet to learn all about rock formations.

Find the Hidden Landform Vocabulary

Let your child explore the vocabulary associated with Earth's landforms with this colorful word search.

Earth Rocks! Quick Quiz

Take a plunge under the surface of the earth! With this worksheet as your guide, you may explore the geological processes of our planet.

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