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Diagonal Lines: Lightning

Have your child practice drawing diagonal lines as he traces the paths of lightning strikes and rain drops blown sideways by the wind.

Curved Lines Hummingbirds

Let your child's pencil fly from bird to bird with this brightly colored worksheet that offers up lots of practice with curved lines.

Diagonal Lines: Bugs

Can your preschooler help these bugs crawl, buzz, and fly their way to each colorful plant? He'll practice drawing diagonal lines as he guides each bug friend.

Tracing Curved Lines

Bullfrogs jump in bouncy curved patterns across this pond -- can your preschooler use his pencil to trace each leap?

Tracing Diagonal Lines

These three trains are racing down the hill. Have your preschooler practice his fine motor skills by tracing diagonal lines across each railroad track.

Fine Motor Tracing

Is your preschooler hungry for a tasty and refreshing snack? Give him a visual treat with these traceable frozen delights.

Tracing Circles

Take flight with this bright bouquet of balloons! Your child will practice her fine motor skills by carefully tracing each colorful circle.

Tracing Vertical Lines

Prepare your preschooler for writing by enhancing her fine motor skills development and improving her pencil control. Have her trace the vertical lines.

Drawing Vertical Lines

Step right up, your majesty! Guide your royal preschooler to trace the vertical lines in this fantastical castle.

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