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Momotaro: A Japanese Folktale

Introduce your child to Momotaro, a popular Japanese folktale! Your child will get to make her own story book by coloring the illustrations.

Japanese Paper Doll

Kids color and cut out a native costume for this paper doll, then guess what country the doll is from. Hint: The capital city is Tokyo.

Japanese: Katakana

Did you know that the Japanese language has three main alphabets? Study the Katakana alphabet with this introductory page.

Osaka Castle Coloring Page

Visit world places with this worksheet series! Osaka Castle is an iconic structure of Japan and the largest, grandest castle at the time it was built.

Hiragana Chart

They say that learning languages is easier the younger the child. Help your little ones learn Japanese with a helpful Hiragana chart!

Hiragana Alphabet: "mo"

Japanese is a complicated language, but now you can start learning the basics with our Hiragana alphabet series!

Japanese Flag Coloring Page

Japan's flag is easy to color, you only need one crayon to do it! Give your child this sheet for some simple coloring fun.

Japanese Traditional Clothing Coloring Page

A coloring sheet for 1st graders about people from around the world. This one is of a Japanese girl in traditional clothes.

Map of Japan

Get to know the island of Japan with a fill-in-the-blank map. Your young geographer will fill in missing city names, and learn a bit about each one as he goes.

Nuclear War Against Japan

Learn US history the easy way with these thorough and helpful study guides and practice questions on World War II and the nuclear war against Japan.

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