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King Cake

Teach your child measurement skills and some Mardi Gras history as you make this delectably delicious traditional treat known as King Cake.

Winter Snacks

Make lunch or afternoon snack more memorable your preschooler or pre-kindergartener with these sweet snowflakes snacks.


Create tasty and healthy bruschetta the whole family will love and get your child in the kitchen involved in making the food she eats!

Make Fresh Water with the Help of the Sun!

Teach your 5th grader valuable science skills and the importance of fresh water to our survival with this fun and informative activity!

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Raspberry hot chocolate is a sweat treat for your young valentine. Pink and delicious, this raspberry hot chocolate makes the perfect Valentine's Day drink.

Sorbet Cups

Help your second grader embrace his "green" side by recycling empty citrus peels into fruity ice cream bowls!

Fruit Crisp

Crisps are the hidden gem of the homemade dessert world.

Make Marbled Christmas Balls

Forget mass-produced, store bought holiday ornaments. Your fifth grader can usher in the holidays by making his own homemade marbled Christmas balls!

Candied Rose Petals

Follow this Colonial recipe for candied rose petals, and share the sweets with friends, family or classmates.

Irish Potato Soup

Watch your fifth grader hone his basic kitchen and measuring skills as he helps you whip up a batch of this soothing, savory soup.

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