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How to Make a Neck Pillow

Your fifth grader will have a blast sewing this plush neck pillow--and he'll sure be glad to have it on long car or airplane trips!

Layered Art

This fun art activity gets your child to create background and foreground elements, building his art skills and creative development.

Paint Your Own Petroglyphs

In this unique 5th grade arts and crafts project, your budding artist can imitate ancient rock art by creating his own petroglyphs on sandpaper with crayons.

Make a Tin Candle Luminary

This kids' activity will help your child make a beautiful tin luminary, which filters candlelight to trace beautiful candlelit patterns on the walls!

Use Coupon Math for Cash!

Here's a simple, fun activity which will save you time and reinforce your child's math skills along the way.

Make Lines Like Bridget Riley

Encourage your child to take a page from Bridget Riley and the op art movement, and see if she can create an optical illusion in her artwork.

Homemade Paint

This easy indoor activity teaches kids how to mix kitchen ingredients into watercolor paints, while giving a crash course in color-combining.

Build a Toothpick Bridge

Design and construct a toothpick bridge with a simple household items and a little mathematical magic.

Madhubani Painting

Learn about the beautiful Indian art of Madhubani painting with this fun and creative project.

Ready, Aim, Marshmallows!

Science isn't ho hum anymore when it involves building catapults to teach your fifth grader about projectile motion.

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