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Paper Music Notes

Help your fifth grader honor Black History month and the musical genre of jazz by crafting decorative music notes embellished with jazz musical instruments.

Robot Decoration

Show your fifth grader how to make this fun vinyl robot to spruce up her walls. It√Ęs quick to construct and easy to remove or transfer from wall to wall.

Breakfast Scramble

Similar to fried rice, this quick fix scramble uses leftover quinoa and vegetables.

Leprechaun Hat Pin Cushion

Craft this leprechaun hat-covered jar, brimming with St. Patrick's Day charm!

Leaf Crown

This fall, make a leaf crown that will encourage creative play and your child's interest in the natural world while you help her build fine motor skills.

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Raspberry hot chocolate is a sweat treat for your young valentine. Pink and delicious, this raspberry hot chocolate makes the perfect Valentine's Day drink.

Make a Folded Paper Illuminaria!

This simple illuminaria can be made for any season or holiday. It's so fun that parents and kids alike will enjoy making a new one for each special holiday!

Wrapping Paper Vase

Use recycled wrapping paper and an empty bottle to make this beautiful vase for a great indoor activity when it's cold outside.

Make a Mosaic Yarn Snowflake

Enjoy the winter season with your preschooler with this arts and crafts activity: create mosaic snowflake art using yarn and colorful construction paper shapes.

Waffle Snowman

Find yourself waffling when your kid asks for a new winter craft? Try your hand at this textured snowman art project for a new twist on painting.

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