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Sight Words Memory Game

Does your child need help reading common words? Make this family board game. It's so fun, she won't even realize she's learning!

Practice Hula Hoop Times Tables!

Help your child practice multiplication tables with this mental and physical multitasking game that uses a hula hoop to get into the swing of things.

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Give your second grader a chance to get his feet wet with measurement before he moves onto the more complicated stuff by trying this activity with him at home.

Soda Explosion

This 4th of July, explore fourth grade science and make some safe fireworks in your own backyard using soda pop!

Pop the Balloons!

Try to pop other opponents balloons while trying to protect your own. This exciting game is sure to be a hit with the kids at your next party!

Flash Tag

Firefly flash tag is a great way to get your kids outdoors and running around during the dog days (or nights) of summer.

Trust Walk

Boost your child's listening, verbal and teamwork skills with this unique trust game in which one player guides another through a maze using only words.

Black History Playing Cards

These African-American history trading cards feature 36 African-Americans who have paved the road to freedom and equality.

Play Snowball Hopscotch

Help your preschooler combine a lesson about numbers with a silly, snowy game of hopscotch.

Take the Portmanteau Challenge!

Want a word game to play? How about just a fun way to spend the afternoon? Get creative thinking going and have fun with vocabulary!

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