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Taste Test Science: Fool Your Tongue!

This taste buds science experiment demonstrates how strongly our sense of smell controls what we taste.

Exploding Marshmallows!

Show your child how and why the microwave works, while demonstrating just how strangely foods can behave while inside the crazy cooker.

Keep a Candle Burning Underwater!

Help your fifth grader execute this experiment involving a lit candle (submerged in water!) to show him the wonders of heat energy transference.

Stored Energy

Here's a fun activity to reinforce the physics concept of stored energy for your middle schooler.

Learn About Oil Spills

We all know water and oil don't mix, but it's often difficult for students to grasp the difficulty of cleaning up an oil spill.

CSI Science: Get the Prints!

Set your teen on the beat in a real world "crime scene" investigation. Can he tell whose fingerprints are on a drinking glass?

Make Footwear Impressions - CSI Style!

Take a look at forensic science with your child. She'll learn how to take a shoe impression, just like the detectives do!

How Do Oil Spills Harm Wildlife?

In this experiment, your middle schooler will chart the effects of oil on a feather in order to grasp the tragic effects of oil spills on wildlife.

Curds and Whey: A Milky Experiment

Have you or your child ever heard that nursery rhyme and wondered just what curds and whey are anyway? Do this simple experiment together to find out!

Make Your Own Electricity

By using static electricity generated from their body, a child can cause a small fluorescent lamp bulb to light up!

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