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How Strong are a Bird's Bones?

In this science experiment, your child will test the strength of hollow structures in order to understand how strong bird bones really are.

Layering Liquids: Explore Density Science

Teach your child some scientific basics as you explore the densities of various liquids in this fun experiment.

Make a Fistful of Slime!

Get your hands on a concoction that breaks the rules about what's a solid and what's a liquid.

Try Water Science Trickery!

This experiment that explores water and air pressure will amaze your fifth grader as it appears that a single card is holding water in an upside-down glass.

Foam It! Cause a Chemical Reaction

This experiment uses a yeast solution, liquid detergent, and hydrogen peroxide to produce an exciting reaction like no other!

How to Make a Cartesian Diver

Experiment with buoyancy to learn how a submarine rises and sinks in this classic science experiment.

The Red Cabbage Acid Test

How to test for acids and bases? In this activity you and your child can make your own indicator from red cabbage!

Break the Tension: A Water Experiment

Help your child understand surface tension by showing her how she can create a "skin" on top of water.

Oobleck Science: Solid or Liquid?

Is it solid or liquid? Create oobleck and witness the amazingly weird oscillation between the two!

Make Woolly Pompoms

Try this winter-themed arts and crafts activity for fifth graders: make colorful woolly pompoms! All you need is yarn and stiff cardboard to get started.

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