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Find Out Why Leaves Change Color

With this hands-on activity, you'll show how fall colors are hidden in the leaf all year long!

Go on a Backyard Botany Hunt

Here's a fun activity that will have your child researching, collecting, and charting plant specimens from the neighborhood.

Experiment with Diaper Science!

This activity is a great introduction to polymer chemistry. It might seem complicated, but all you'll need is the material found inside of a baby's diaper!

Scientific Concept Scavenger Hunt

A science scavenger hunt can be a fun way to learn about science. Test your child's knowledge of scientific terms with this science scavenger hunt.

Sourdough Science!

Make sourdough bread...and learn some colonial history and modern science in the process!

Find a Flower

In this activity, find out who the flowers' "partners in crime" are by being a flower spy!

Practice Classification in Action

Try this simple activity with your middle schooler to help him develop an understanding of why scientific classification systems exist and how they work.

Bread Mold Experiment

This bread mold experiment will help your child learn about mold, and he'll develop important hypothesis-making and experiment-designing skills.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Here's a way to make history both interesting and relevant: design a garden using plants that were used by people in colonial times!

Be a Botanist: Make Herbarium Sheets

In this middle school activity, your child will learn how to press plants and create her very own herbarium, or plant library! Here's how:

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