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Writing- 5th grade

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Build Vocabulary 13

Words like "antagonist" and "transient" are confusing for adults and kids. Fifth graders will learn these words and more in this vocabulary worksheet.

Build Vocabulary 7

Encourage your fifth grader to grow his vocabulary with this word-focused worksheet. Kids will learn new words, then write them into sentences.

Build Vocabulary 4

Build your fifth grader's vocabulary and spelling skills with this focused series, including definitions or synonyms for vocab terms for your child to learn.

Build Vocabulary 1

Kids can build their vocabulary and spelling skills with this worksheet. Your child will learn the definitions for vocabulary words and use them in context.

Build Vocabulary 12

Help your fifth grader build vocabulary and spelling skills with this worksheets, which includes words like renowned, consequence, and exhausted.

Jazz Greats: Charles Mingus

Introduce your budding musician to an African-American jazz legend, Charles Mingus! She'll read his mini-bio and answer a few trivia questions.

The Color Line

Learn about an unspoken, unfair rule regarding segregation in major league baseball during the early 1900s.

Grammar Guide

Here's a review of some common (and commonly confused) grammar terms, as well as a quick activity to apply them to reading and writing.

Play Vocabulary Bingo!

Looking for a way to make vocab practice a little more engaging? This easy twist on the classic game is a great way to build your child's vocabulary.

Father's Day Plaque

Honor dad's fatherly achievements with a handmade plaque for a job well done!

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