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Dolphin Anatomy Chart

Test your kindergartener's understanding of the parts of a dolphin with this adorable, fill-in-the-blank dolphin chart.

Penguin Anatomy Diagram

This friendly-looking penguin is cute enough to cuddle, but your kindergartener can start by filling out this chart of penguin parts.

Pacific Northwest Animals

The Northwest Pacific of America is teeming with life, from people to plants to animals! Get ready for fun and learning with Pacific Northwest finger puppets.

Who Lives in the Woods?

Looking for a worksheet to help with your kid's matching skills? This printable is all about matching items with their names!

Arctic Animals Finger Puppets

Meet the inhabitants of the arctic tundra with these delightful printable, which features a cast of caribou, arctic fox, arctic hare, and ermine finger puppets.

Animal Habitats Coloring

Does your child like animals and enjoy drawing? Then she'll love this activity! There's room for her to draw the habitats for six different wild animals.

Animal Habitats Match-Up

Do monkeys live in the rainforest or the desert? Your child will get familiar with animals and their different habitats with this fun match up game.

Animals of Hawaii

Your budding ecologist will learn about Hawaiian creatures as she colors, cuts out, and plays with sea turtle, monk seal, stilt bird, and quail finger puppets.

Caring For Your Cat

Having a pet is a big responsibility. Help your child decide which items he needs to help care for Casey the cat.

Animal Finger Puppets: Everglades

Color in these critters that call the Everglades their home and learn more about life science in the process.

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