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Charlottes web/ spiders

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Animal Word Search: On the Farm

Test your child's barnyard animal knowledge with a fun word search.

Animal Tracks: Farm Animals

Does your second grader love farm animals? This easy writing exercise will help your child be more observant about tracks left by some familiar animals.

Grammar Balloons #3

Float on into grammar practice with a whimsical parts of speech activity. Each balloon contains either a noun, verb or adjective. can you tell which is which?

Adjectives Maze

Match each adjective to the noun it describes, then find a path through the maze to connect them!

Adjectives Word Search

Discover descriptive words with this adjective word search, perfect for kids who are learning parts of speech.

Adjectives That Describe ME!

How many different adjectives can describe you? In this worksheet, describe your style will adjectives that are sure to expand your vocabulary.

Adjectives for Kids

How many adjectives can you find in this set of story sentences? This worksheet provides a fun lesson in adjectives for kids.

Fill in the Adjective

Give your child adjective practice with this simple worksheet. After filling in the blanks, he'll see how many different adjectives he can add to the list.

Friendly Adjectives

Search out friendly adjectives and nouns as you and your child read about Rusty, Lola and Billy's day together.

Critter Subtraction Fun #21

Kids help Spencer the Spider practice two-digit subtraction in this 2nd grade math worksheet.

Charlotte's Web Coloring Page

This Charlotte's Web coloring page lets young fans add color to Charlotte, the spider whose spelling and web-spinning talent helps her friend Wilbur the pig!

Color Anansi the Spider

Color in Anansi, a crafty spider who spreads wisdom and knowledge wherever he goes.

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