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Paper Dolls

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Paper Dolls Around the World: Laos

Want to teach your child a little about world cultures while keeping it fun? Try a paper doll! Using the clues, can she guess which country this doll is from?

Paper Dolls Around the World: Cambodia

Sneak a geography lesson into paper doll fun with this worksheet that features a paper doll from an Asia Pacific country. Can you guess where she's from?

Paper Dolls Around the World: Indonesia

Combining coloring, paper dolls, and a lesson in geography and world cultures, this printable is not only full of fun, it's full of learning value, too.

Paper Dolls Around the World: Vietnam

Paper dolls are a fun way to teach your child about other countries. After she colors the doll, can she guess where the doll lives from the country facts given?

Paper Dolls Around the World: Malaysia

What better way to learn about other cultures than with world paper dolls. Kids color the doll, then use the country clues to figure out where he's from.

Paper Dolls Around the World: Korea

Sneak some learning into paper doll play with an Asia Pacific paper doll. Kids learn facts about Korea as they color, then try to guess the country.

Filipino Paper Doll

Teach your child about Asia Pacific countries with paper dolls from around the world. Can he use the country facts to figure out where this doll is from?

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