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Experiment with Invisible Writing

With this activity, your child can write an invisible letter that will appear as if by magic when exposed to heat.

Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Create an bouquet of flowers that will last forever using plastic straws and tissue paper!

Pendulum Painting

Here's an arts and crafts activity for your preschooler: make pendulum paintings using only a funnel, canvas, and paint!

Make Paper Plate Tambourines

Looking for a noisemaker that's more musical than your kid's typical banging and clanging? Make a paper plate tambourine!

Wax Paper Art

If your kid likes to color, you probably know all too well that crayons go quickly. Put those crayon stubs to use by creating colorful ironed wax paper art!

Make Glue Ornaments for Christmas

Make unique holiday ornaments with this sticky, stringy art project.

Make a Windsock

Show your preschooler how to create a simple windsock using a colorful piece of tissue paper, a pipe cleaner, and yarn.

Thumbprint Christmas Tree Cards

With a little guidance from parents, youngsters can create a Christmas tree using their thumb as a stamp.

DIY Homemade Snow Globe

This homemade snow globe is fun for kids who are excited about the arrival of winter. Kids can complete this snow globe craft quickly and easily.

Make Number Rubbings

Help your child identify numbers with this fun preschool math art activity! Explore different textures and colors as he learns numbers.

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