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Chromatography for Kids

Help your child explore chromatography, which is the process of separating colors or pigments, and create a neat art project in the process!

Make a Sandcastle You Can Keep!

Help your child make a beautiful homemade sandcastle that will last!

Build Writing Muscles with a Water Relay

Does your child have trouble holding a pencil? Is writing an excruciating task? The key is to build up those hand muscles! This water relay race can help.

Pass It!

Play this fun math numbers game with your kindergartener! Practice following instructions as you roll the dice and count.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Transform old coffee filters into vibrant, stunning butterflies to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Make an Oil Sun Catcher

Make an eye catching sun catcher with your child that not only brightens any window but also builds his fine motor skills and creativity.

Repeat, then Eat!: A Patterning Game

This incredibly edible activity gives kindergarteners the chance to practice identifying, copying and extending basic patterns.

Play Beginning Sounds Clothespin Match-Up

Here's a fun activity to get your kindergarten child to listen to beginning alphabet sounds and match them with their letter symbols.

Make a Horton-Inspired Elephant Nose and Ears

Celebrate Read Across America with a Dr. Seuss-themed craft: make a paper plate elephant ears costume modeled after Horton from Horton Hears a Who!

Star Light, Star Bright Poem

This coloring page features a scene from the classic children's poem, Star Light, Star Bright.

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