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Shape Quiz

Searching for a worksheet to help you child with spatial awareness? This printable shape quiz works with basic geometric shapes.

Right Angles Geometry

Help your third-grader learn about right angle geometry with this simple geometry worksheet.

Counting Right Angles

On this worksheet, your third-grader will be asked to circle all the right angles they can find in the picture.

Count the Triangles

See if your child can find all the triangles hidden on this geometry worksheet.

At the Movies: Subtraction Word Problems

Help the movie theater owner keep track of attendance by solving word problems using three-digit subtraction.

Math in the Movies

Third graders apply their money savvy as they complete money word problems at the movies.

Extra Practice: Three-digit Subtraction

Reinforce your third grader's subtraction skills with this helpful worksheet that's packed with three digit-subtraction problems.

Logic Puzzle Fun #1

This worksheet gears your third grader up for the real world, with logic puzzles and word problems that stimulate her brain.

Logic Puzzle Fun #2

Got a puzzle lover on your hands? Filled with logic word problems, this worksheet's a math-boosting treat!

Candy Store Quiz: Addition & Subtraction

This quick quiz set at the candy store is packed with addition and subtraction review.

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