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Spruce Up the Sight Word: Said

If your preschooler's reluctant to learn to read, check out this cool blend of coloring, cutting, and pasting to expose him to the sight word "see."

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Red

Learning to recognize important preschool sight words can be a monumental task. Bring it down to size with this unique blend of crafts and reading!

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Play

Looking for a fun way to introduce your preschooler to sight words? Blending coloring and decorating--this fun activity explores the word "play."

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Down

Looking for a painless way to teach your child sight words? Little kids are sure to love turning a sight word into a kooky creature in this fun printable.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: I

On this printable kids can color the sight word, turn it into a crazy creature, and hang it up on their wall so they can practice reading it everyday.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: My

Bring your preschooler one step closer to reading readiness with this sight word printable that explore the word "my."

Spruce Up The Sight Word: See

Looking to introduce some fun into learning sight words? Ask your preschooler to design a sight word creature out of a classic sight word: "see."

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Two

When it comes to practicing sight words, two methods of learning are better than one! This cool worksheet explores the word "two."

Sight Word Fun

In this fun printable, kids get to color and decorate the word "a" with silly eyes, wings, feet, and other fun features.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Go

Packed with hands-on kid-friendly activities, this printable makes learning sight words easy and fun.

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