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Ideas for JPlay preschool activities
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Make Your Own Rubber Stamp Flashcards

Here's an activity to inspire your preschooler to learn to recognize numbers and count than by using fun and funky rubber stamps to make her own flashcards!

Paper Snow Globe

Who said snow globes have to be round and made of glass? Here’s our take on this holiday favorite, using paper and plastic.

How to Make a Menorah

Learn how to make a menorah with this simple Hanukkah craft. See how to make a menorah for the Festival of Lights.

Make Popsicle Puppets...and Practice Communication

Puppets can help preschoolers practice communication and conflict resolution.

Fall Leaf Patterns

This crafty activity will help your child develop an understanding of important math concepts like patterning and spatial awareness.

Make Your Own Puzzle

It's easy and fun to make puzzles, and your child can pick any design.

Marshmallow Pops

What's red, white, blue, and yummy? Patriotic marshmallow pops, of course! Whip up a tasty treat to share with the family on the next big holiday.

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