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The project investigates how water and movement affects erosion.

Making A Rock In A Cup

This science fair project idea creates a sedimentary rock and to investigate what takes place during the rock cycle.

Soccer Physics: Does the Amount of Air Inside the Ball Affect How Far It Goes?

The purpose of this science project is to determine whether the amount of air in a soccer ball affects how far it goes when kicked.

How to Separate Salt from Water

In this free science fair project, learn how to separate salt from water using heat. A great science project for elementary school kids.

Specific Heat of Water vs. Specific Heat of Sand

What heats up fasterâwater or soil? 5th grade students test the specific heat of water against the specific heat of sand in this great science fair project.

Pathway: Is Aluminum an Electrical Conductor?

What is an electrical conductor? Is aluminum an electrical conductor? Do this free science fair project and explore the qualities of electrical conductors

Jerker: How Does a Magnet Produce Movement in a Current-Carrying Wire?

How do magnets produce movement in a wire? Do this free science fair project and explore how magnets make current move in a wire. Great project for kids.

Stickers: How is Static Electricity Produced?

What is static electricity and how is it produced? In this free science fair project explore the phenomenon of positive and negative charges in electricity.

How Do Icicles Form?

How do icicles form and what do they look like? Do this free science fair project and watch the formation of icicles occur right before your eyes.

I.D.: How Can You Test for the Presence of an Acid?

How can you test for the presence of an acid? In this science fair project, you will make a cabbage acid indicator and then use it to test for acid.

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