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Does Hot Water Boil Faster Than Cold?

Discover whether cold or hot water from the faucet will boil faster on the stove.

Hot Dog Mummy

In this experiment you will replicate the mummification process by making a hot dog mummy.

Which Cup Best Prevents Ice from Melting?

This project determines whether Styrofoam, paper, or plastic cups are best for preventing ice from melting.

Can Jell-O be Made With Just Warm Water Instead of Boiling Hot and Then Cold?

Do you love to make Jell-O? Find out in this science fair project idea if it is possible to make Jell-O with just warm water.

Fingerprint Findings

In this project, the fingerprints of family members are compared to determine if people from the same family have similar fingerprints.

How to Stop Soda From Exploding

This science fair project investigates whether tapping the top or the side of the can will stop a vigorously-shaken can of soda from exploding.

Microwave Candy: Do Some Colors of M&Ms Melt Faster than Others?

The goal of this fun science fair project idea is to microwave candy and investigate: do some colors of M&Ms melt faster than others?

Does Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold Water?

Most people assume that cold water freezes more quickly, but could that be false? Does hot water freeze faster than cold water? Let's find out!

How Does a Compass Work?

How does a compass work? What's a magnetic field? Kids will build their own compass at home to find the answers in this great science fair project idea.

Magnetic Field Strength vs. Distance

How can we describe the relationship of magnetic field strength vs. distance? Kids will find out with this free science fair project idea.

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