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Inverse Square Law: How Does Distance Affect the Spreading of Light?

How does distance affect the spreading of light? Kids see diffraction and the inverse square law of light in action with this great science fair project idea.

Show the Direction of Magnetic Field Lines

Kids will learn how to show the direction of magnetic field lines and create a permanent model using iron filings in this great science fair project idea.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

This science fair project idea explores how the shape of a boat affects its density and how much weight it can float.

Sizing Up Marshmallows

Marshmallows are made of sugar, water, and air pockets. Since the marshmallow is flexible, will air pressure cause it to expand when heated in a microwave?

Caffeine and Heart Rate: What Is the Effect of Caffeine on Heart Rate?

Is there a relationship between caffeine and heart rate? Students will determine the effect of caffeine on heart rate in this fun science fair project.

Is it a Fruit or a Veggie?

This science fair project teaches students the differences between fruits and vegetables.

Effective Hand Washing

This science fair project idea determines which method of hand cleansing is the most effective.

The Effects of Temperature on Bounce

This science fair project idea determines if the temperature of rubber effects how high it bounces.

Bouncing Ball Physics: What is Elasticity?

What is elasticity? Students will investigate how this concept applies to bouncing ball physics by testing the bounces of balls made out of different materials.

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