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Mental Mix Up: Experimenting with Your Ability to Focus

Observe how your brain works while it is focused on one thing, and how it works while you are distracted by another thing.

Exploring the Movement of Tectonic Plates with S'Mores

In this experiment you explore how tectonic plates move to create land and expand bodies of water.

Egg Lab

This science fair project idea explores the egg's thin membrane.

Warm, Warmer: How Does Exercise Change Body Temperature?

In this science fair project, we'll use a liquid crystal thermometer to find out whether exercising makes a difference in people's temperature.

Get Cracking

Science fair project that determines whether cooling eggs helps them be peeled more easily. Compare the time it took to peel each egg.

Soap Bubbles

This science fair project idea explores substances that cause a bubble to last longer.

Popping Fresh

In this project, different brands of microwave popcorn are tested and compared.

The Relationship Between Toilet Paper Ply and Strength

This project compares the strength of one, two, and three-ply toilet paper.

Does A Longer Paper Airplane Fly Farther than a Wide One?

Find out whether a longer airplane will fly farther or a wider paper airplane.

Paper Airplanes

The project determines the forces that cause paper airplanes to fly and determine which type of paper airplane flies the farthest.

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