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KenKen: Sports Car

This KenKen® puzzle will require your student to put his math and logic skills to the test!

Jet Ski KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen®, a math logic puzzle from Japan, uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division!

Jewelry Box KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® puzzle is guaranteed to get your students using math and logic in a way they never have before.

Snowmobile KenKen® Puzzle

This difficult KenKen® puzzle is ready for your students to master! All they'll need are good computation skills and a fair amount of logic.

Pajama Party KenKen® Puzzle

Help your students improve their mathematical ability and logical thinking skills by playing this fun KenKen® puzzle!

Prom Queen KenKen® Puzzle

This difficult KenKen® math puzzle will challenge your students to use mathematical operations and logical thinking skills.

Motor Bike KenKen® Puzzle

Engage your students' logic and critical thinking skills as they complete this KenKen® math puzzle.

Ski Boat KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® puzzle will challenge your students to use different math operations and logic in order to find a solution.

KenKen Printable: Sweet Sixteen

Your math students will need every ounce of their logic to solve this KenKen printable!

Moped KenKen® Puzzle

Challenge your students to decode this KenKen® grid. They'll need all of their logic powers and a good understanding of mathematical operations.

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