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Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #3

Your child will count and subtract in this Easter-themed worksheet, perfect for visual learners. Help your kid see how many bunnies, tulips, and eggs are left.

Coin Recognition

Young children sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between coins. Practice coin recognition to set your child up to grasp the concept of coin value.

Let's Count: Fruits and Veggies

Combine healthy eating with counting practice on this preschool math worksheet.

Count and Add #1

Give your child her first lesson in addition with this simple counting worksheet.

Count and Subtract

Ready to introduce your child to subtraction, but you're not sure if he's ready? This worksheet is a simple and easy introduction.

How Many Are There? Fish

A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring a fish theme.

Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #2

Kids will use subtraction and counting skills with our Easter math worksheet. Kids who use counters or pictures during math practice will love this worksheet.

Count & Color Valentine's Day Addition

Addition, counting, and number writing practice is wrapped up for Valentine's Day learning with this math worksheet.

Sporting Good Subtraction

Number writing combines with pictures and counting to make beginning subtraction more bearable and interesting for your child this spring!

How Many Are There? Trees

This worksheet is a fun, easy way to help preschoolers count and learn their numbers and addition skills. How many trees do you see?

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