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4th grade Math

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A Mathematical Card Trick

Teach your kid a fun mathematical magic trick! All you'll need is a deck of cards and basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.

Play Batter Up!

Math Baseball is a fun and competitive way to review new math concepts and simple computations.

Ordering Decimals Practice

Does your fourth grader need help with ordering decimals? Bolster his decimal understanding with this beaker-booked worksheet.

Ordering Decimal Numbers

Give your fourth grader's math skills a hand with our decimal worksheet. Snowmen keep him company as he practices ordering decimal numbers from big to small.

Order Decimals from Greatest to Least

Encourage your fourth grader to dive into decimals with this bookish math worksheet. In this worksheet he'll order decimals from greatest to least.

Decimal Dash: Practice Ordering Decimals #4

Packed with decimal practice, this worksheet will boost your kid's understanding of this math concept. Put decimal numbers in order from biggest to smallest.

Order Decimals

Fourth grade math uses lots of decimals, so give your budding math whiz some quick practice putting them in order.

Dizzy Over Decimals: Rounding #3

This worksheet is a great way to ensure your child understands decimal place value before introducing him to more complicated problems.

Practice Statistics: Instrument Interviews

Can your fourth grader help Isabela draft a bar graph to demonstrate the information she's collected in her interviews?

Dizzy Over Decimals: Rounding #1

Does your child need a little extra practice with decimal place values? This worksheet is the way to go.

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