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5th grade Math

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Changing Percents to Fractions

Kids practice converting percents into fractions, reducing fractions to lowest terms, and dividing to find the decimal in this 5th grade math worksheet.

Digit Juggler Decimal Subtraction #5

Learning decimal subtraction can be tricky, but all it takes is practice! This worksheet gives kids practice approaching problems in a whole new way.

Digit Juggler Decimal Subtraction #4

Is your child tired of the same old decimal subtraction problems? Give her subtraction practice a twist with this digit juggler worksheet.

Digit Juggler Decimal Subtraction #3

Does your child need a little extra help understanding decimal subtraction? Boost her knowledge with this unique subtraction exercise.

Digit Juggler Decimal Subtraction #2

On this worksheet, kids are given a list of numbers and they need to plug them into the right spot in the decimal subtraction problem.

Digit Juggler Decimal Subtraction #1

Kids have the answers to these decimal subtraction problems, but they need to come up with the rest of the terms in the equation.

Show Me the Money! Six-Digit Subtraction with Decimals

Kids practice six-digit decimal subtraction with borrowing in this money-themed 5th grade math worksheet.

Darting Decimals #1

In this decimal dart game, your kid plays scorekeeper as he adds up the decimals and determines the winner.

Multiply Decimals and Color 4

Sneak in some coloring along with math practice with this cute worksheet! Your child will practice multiplying decimals as she colors.

Six-Digit Addition, with Decimals!

Kids practice six-digit addition with decimals in this 5th grade money addition worksheet.

Number Puzzle: Four Fours

Try to create every number from 1 to 50 with the number four by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division... even exponents and decimals!

Decimals in Expanded Form

Got a math whiz on your hands? Give him some supplemental work practicing writing decimal numbers in expanded form.

Comparing Decimals

Decimals got you down in the dumps? Get your student in gear for math with this decimal worksheet.

Subtracting Decimals

Don't let your student get derailed by decimals! This supplemental sheet will help him practice subtracting with decimals.

Dividing Decimals

Practice dividing decimals with this supplemental worksheet! Your student can see the example to help him get started.

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying decimals is a bit trickier than multiplying normal numbers! Give your student some extra practice with this worksheet.

Rounding Decimals

Practice rounding decimals and comparing their value with a supplemental worksheet.

Expanded Form

Learn to write numbers in expanded form! This worksheet focuses on decimals and how to write them in expanded form using fractions.

Expanded Form Practice

Does your child know how to write numbers in expanded form? This worksheet focuses on decimals and how to write them in expanded form using fractions.

Adding Decimals

If your child is getting stumped by decimals, challenge him with a supplemental worksheet, all about adding decimals.

Writing Decimals in Expanded Form

This worksheet focuses on decimals and how to write them in expanded form using fractions.

Expanded Form: Decimals

Getting dizzy over decimals? This worksheet focuses on writing decimals in expanded form using fractions.

Dizzy Over Decimals: Multiplication #3

This math practice sheet is chock-full of decimal multiplication problems that are guaranteed to help your child get more comfortable with his schoolwork.

Barber Shop Decimal Round Off #3

Kids practice rounding decimals to the nearest tenths, hundredths, and thousandths in this barber shop-themed math worksheet.

Barber Shop Decimal Round Off #4

Rounding off decimals may seem like a challenge, but this worksheet makes it easy!

Multiplying Numbers with Decimals

If your child needs a little help with decimal multiplication, here's the worksheet for her.

Dizzy Over Decimals: Multiplication #2

Here's a sheet that's sure to give your child all the practice he needs with decimal multiplication.

Algebra Coloring Page #6

Take the bore out of textbook math problems, and give your child a more colorful practice sheet! She'll get to color in the picture as she solves equations.

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