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Metric Measurements

Get your child clued in on the metric system by quizzing her with these challenging problems converting and comparing metric measurements.

Recipe Conversion

Introduce your little math champ to fraction multiplication in the kitchen! He'll get a taste of measurements using a recipe to calculate the fractions.

Centimeters to Inches

Learn all about how to convert centimeters to inches in this practice worksheet.

Metric Math: Bobbing for Apples

Take a dive into a barrel of fall fun as you let your fifth grader get some valuable metric system practice.

Metric Measuring

Introduce your fifth grader to the metric system with this Halloween-themed worksheet full of tricky measurement conversions.

Estimating Numbers

Use familiar household items and decorations to turn estimation into a fun game!

Understand Volume Using Sugar Cubes

Introduce your fourth or fifth grader to volume by having him build rectangular prisms, and then count each sugar cube to check his volume calculations.

Guess the Weight!

How much does 100 weigh? Play this fun guessing game with your child to commemorate the 100th day of school.

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