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Countings/Matching - Pennies, Nickels, & Dimes

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Coins: Discover the Dimes

Kids completing this first grade math worksheet learn the name and appearance of dimes, find and identify dimes, and distinguish dimes from other coins.

Counting Coins: Dimes

To shop for fruit, kids read prices, count dimes, and match the prices to the equivalent amount of dimes on this first grade math worksheet.

Money Match: Dimes & Pennies

First graders practice counting pennies and dimes together as they find the value of each chestful of money.

Count the Coins

Give your child practice with coin counting with this money worksheet. He'll hone his coin recognition skills as he adds up the dimes, pennies and nickels.

Counting Dimes

Kids learn the appearance and value of dimes, count dimes, and write the number of cents for the dimes on this first grade math worksheet.

Counting Coins: Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes

Pennies, nickels, and dimes, oh my! Your child will practice identifying and adding coins in this first grade worksheet.

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